This document defines the participation conditions applicable to the contest organized by the Prince Laurent Foundation within the framework of the photo contest “The most beautiful Zinneke 2024”.

This contest aims to elect the "most beautiful Zinneke" for the year 2024.

There will be no correspondence (by post, e-mail or telephone) concerning the contest rules, organization, course and/or the binding and irrevocable result of the contest. All other announcements concerning the contest apply in addition to these rules. The decisions of the Prince Laurent Foundation cannot be contested.

Misprints, spelling mistakes, composition errors and others, as well as technical problems, cannot be used to justify any obligation or liability on the part of the Prince Laurent Foundation.

The Prince Laurent Foundation may modify the regulations at any time.

Facebook is a third party and therefore cannot be held responsible for any issues.


This contest is reserved for people with a dog or cat registered to their name.

By the mere fact of participating, participants acknowledge that they accept these rules and all decisions made by the Prince Laurent Foundation within the framework of this contest.

Only fully completed entry forms received before the end of the contest will be considered.

You may only enter the contest in your own name and with a pet registered in your name.


Participation is only possible by filling in the entry form at:

The registration and voting period extends from 08/07/2024 to 18/07/2024.

It is not allowed to vote more than once for the same animal.

In case of repeated voting by the same person or attempted cheating, the candidate will be disqualified.

Candidates who respect the theme of the contest will automatically receive 50 extra votes at the end.

At the end of voting (18 July at midnight), the 10 candidates with the most votes will be selected for the final, which will be held on 21 July.

In the final, the counters will be reset to zero and we will only take into account the votes of the visitors present at the Prince Laurent Foundation booth in Brussels Park on 21 July to determine the grand winner.

The Prince Laurent Foundation cannot be held liable for any issues related to communication services (overload of the mobile phone network, partial failure of the network, delay, strike, damage or loss, etc.).


The winner will be contacted personally by phone and/or email.